Privacy policy

This is a personal website, there is no other person to use it but me.  I do not collect names and do not email to any of the site 's visitors.

If you get an email from my website address, you can be sure it is not the website owner (me) sending it.  So, yes, do report the spam, but if you look at the letter, you'll see that the "From:" address is mine, but the address to visit, or send money to, or give information to, or a link to go to -- is quite different.  This is the real address of the spammer.  This is the email or site that must be reported for spam.

From 2008 on, I asked and obtained from my Host to not allow any outgoing email from my website, and I did not have anything to complain anymore, but hackers are hackers and would probably find a way...

Again, I repeat, I do not collect names or email addresses. 
If you want to initiate a conversation with me, you will have to write me first.

Thank you for your confidence,