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Glorious Revenge - Synopsis

       Modest MARIAH, daughter of ANNE the kitchen drudge, tries hard to please her mistress, LADY ALESSANDRA, but to no avail.   What could a young maidservant do when she is cast out in shame from the only home she knew all her life, in a world in which a girl's honor is utmost in order to be accepted by superiors and peers alike?

       GERVASE D'AUBERNON, first-born son of the Lord of Marlyon, accepts at face value Mariah's guilt.   All he can think of is that he liked the girl enough to take her for leman, but not after this morning's happenings.

       Watching the morning's show are all the guests of the Lord and Lady of the castle.   LORD ANTHONY OF BYAISSONNE is convinced the girl Mariah is innocent.   He decides to help her find another place to live and work, but cannot do so in front of his host and old time friend Lord Crawthorpe.

       Revenge is running utmost in many minds during this summer of 1304.   Read and find out who is guilty and of what, before the traditional happy-ending

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