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What are Affiliate Links : In short, they are "Word of Mouth" (WOM). You buy a book (or an e-Book in our case), you read it, you like it and tell your friends about it. In other words, you recommend them to buy it as well.

How do Affiliate Links work : When you buy one of the ebooks, ask the computer to issue you a link with your affiliate code. You just insert it in the text of your email to friends and tell them to click and check the site and the book themselves. (No SPAM please).

If they buy, you get paid a hefty % of the proceeds as a thank-you from the author. When four or more of your friends buy the book, your initial investment is paid back to you. Any extra sale puts money in your pocket (and in mine, but this is fair - I did work months to write each book).

What to NOT do : Do NOT forward the ebook's download link to your friends after buying it. If you do, they would enjoy the book, 'tis true, but you won't get any rewards!

Instead - forward them your Affiliate Link.

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