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   Medieval Castles, Armour (armor), Weapons

        During the Middle Ages, knights organized in small groups would wage battles in the name of their lords and the King.   In case of war, laying siege to a castle would take a good part of the time.   This would usually mean a long drawn-out battle, which could take months, even years.

        Medieval Castles:         Castles were built to maintain the power of the lord, in times of war as well as peace.   The castle was the focus for those loyal to their lord, and offered them protection.   If the lord was to launch a counterattack against an invading army, the castle stood as a base for his campaign.   No castle ever stood in isolation; it was always part of a community.   Indeed, there were two communities:   the one within the castle, and the other one surrounding it and forming its milieu.


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